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1. What is
Languagelab was founded in 2005 to bring the capabilities of virtual worlds to students interested in improving their language skills. We brought together language teachers, educational experts, software developers and technology experts to build a “real” city in a virtual world. Students come to that city (“English City”) to practice their English with our teachers, who are all native English speakers. Instead of sitting in a traditional classroom, students learn by doing real things, like ordering food at a restaurant, booking a room at a hotel and making presentations at the business center. Students who want to learn with us need only a computer, headset, internet connection and a desire to make real progress in their language skills.
2. What is English City?
English City is a virtual place that you can visit by using your computer and an internet connection. It is our “virtual classroom”. But instead of a typical classroom with chairs around a table, our classroom is the city. In English City you will find all of the kinds of places you would find in a real city - art museums, coffee shops and restaurants, theaters, hotels, airports, and much more. Students visit those places with their teachers, who help them to use their language skills in real situations.
3. What are classes like in
Classes are fun and interactive. Students are actively involved in discussions and use their English all the time. For example, a class at the theater might involve students putting on costumes and acting out a scene from a play. Or, a class might go to the airport and practice all of the kinds of interactions that take place while traveling. Classes are 60 or 90 minutes long.
4. Why is practicing English at Languagelab better than in a classroom?
A classroom is a great way to learn the basics of a language, such as grammar and verb tenses. But the best way to really improve your speaking skills is to use the language as much as possible in real situations. Our virtual city, English City, gives you an opportunity to speak English in real situations with native English speakers.
5. Will everyone I speak with at be a native English speaker?
The English City People (our teachers) are all native speakers. Students and customer service helpers come from many different countries.
6. Your offices are in London, and I am in another country. How can I attend classes?
Our school is online, and you can access it from anywhere in the world. You can access from home, work or university - wherever you have a broadband internet connection and a good computer.
7. Are your teachers real?
All of our teachers are real, qualified and experienced native speakers. They have taught in a wide range of countries and are experienced using virtual worlds to teach. We do not use robots or computer programs to teach. All interactions are in real time with real people.
8. What’s the maximum number of students in a class?
The maximum number is 12, but there are typically 6 students per class. If a class is a special event or a talk, there may be more students there.
9. Is free to use?
Languagelab is not free to use. We offer study plans which can be for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or you can buy a course.
10. How do I start studying at
First, go to the Study Plans section, under the “How it Works”. button. There, you can see the different study plans we offer and choose the one that best fits your needs. Once you decide, click on the “Buy Now” button, under the “How it Works”. section. This will take you through the payment process and will help you through the registration process.
11. Why do I have to download Languagelab software?
English City exists on the Languagelab platform. This is a virtual world, where your classes will be. You need this so you can see the shops, buildings and other people around you. Learning in this 3-D way is very effective, better than reading a book or using a website. It enables you to look at and listen to the environment around you, just like in real life.
12. How much does cost, and what do I get for my study plan?
Please see all the prices and details of our General English course here.
Please see our full list of courses here.
13. Is your payment system secure?
Our payment system is secure. We do not retain your credit card information, and your billing information is confidential. Our system is fully encrypted and complies with European Union standards.
14. What are the benefits for ESL schools or universities of working with
By partnering with Languagelab, you can provide current students with an opportunity to practice what they learn in class, get back in touch with former students, offer your students a discount to Languagelab, cater to young students who are increasingly digitally minded, gain a reputation as a leader in digital technology and participate in a revenue share plan.
15. What are the system requirements for using
To take classes you will need three basic things: a recent computer (purchased within the past five years), a headset (to speak and listen) and a fast internet connection (broadband is preferable). For a complete list of technical requirements, click here.
16. Why do I need a USB headset?
Using a USB headset improves your voice quality in English City when you speak. It reduces interference and the noise around you. If you use a built-in microphone, other students and teachers will be able to hear everything around you, and your voice will sound bad.
17. What is the minimum qualification I need to teach English at
You need to be a native speaker of English and have the RSA/CELTA. Candidates with the RSA/DELTA would be preferred.
18. What is the minimum experience I need to teach English at
You need to have a minimum of two years practical classroom experience in the area of EFL or ESOL.
19. Do I need good IT skills to teach English at
You need to have an understanding of and be able to use Word and Excel. You will also need to be able to send and receive e-mails. Teachers will also be asked to write or read lesson plans on a wiki and check and post blog posts.
20. How can I apply for a teaching position at
You can submit your curriculum vitae to We are always looking for new talent, and will keep your CV on file.
21. I’m having technical problems. Where can I get help?
If you're having problems using the Languagelab software but you are able to log in, please log in using your avatar name and password and select 'My Home'. You will arrive in the Welcome Area of English City, and a trained Study Advisor will help you with the technical problem. If your technical problem is stopping you from logging in, or if you have another problem, please contact our Customer Support team using the contact form. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can. If there is a problem with our website please tell us using the "report a bug" link on your dashboard.
22. How do I reset my password?
23. How do I reset my Avatar password?

To do this you need to visit the Second Life website. If you still have problems please email our Customer Support team using the contact form.

24. How do I book a class?
First, make sure you are signed in at the website. From there, go to the Dashboard “Dashboard page”(look for the smile face). At the center of the page you will see “My Classes”. Click on “Choose a Class”, which appears in orange. That will take you to the list of our upcoming classes. When you click on a class, you will see a short description of the class, the level and the time. If you want to sign up for the class, click “Choose this class”.
25. How can I go to class?
There are two ways to get to class. First, you can enter from the website. Make sure to sign in at the website. From there, go to the Dashboard page “Dashboard page”(look for the smile face). At the center of the page, you will see “My Classes”. All of the classes you have booked will be listed there. At the time of the class, you can click “Teleport Now”, and you will be automatically taken to the class. You can also enter English City by signing into the Languagelab software. Simply load the software and enter your avatar name and password and select 'My Home'. When you log in, you will arrive in the Welcome Area in English City. There will be a Study Advisor available to help you. Tell them you would like to go to class and they will take you there.
26. How many classes do I have left?
First, make sure you are signed in at the website. From there, go to the “Dashboard page”(look for the smile face). At the left of your screen you will see your class counter, and how many classes you have left. For example, it will say, “You have 7 classes left until April 8th.".
27. How can I buy more classes?
If you need more classes, you can upgrade your study plan. To upgrade, go to your dashboard and on the left hand side there is a blue button that says ‘Upgrade my study plan’. Click this and your study plan will be upgraded within 48 hours. We will charge your credit card the next day. If you have a question about this, email
28. Can I cancel a class I already booked?
You can, but you cannot cancel it just before the class. You need to cancel your class at least one hour before the class. If you don't cancel your class with enough notice, you will lose that class. Go to your “Dashboard”. and then choose the class you want to cancel. Then click "cancel this class".
29. How do I get into English City?

To go to English City load the Languagelab Software and enter your avatar name and password. If you need to download the Languagelab software again you can do that here: 30. How do I move around English City?

You can use your arrow keys to move around English City. The arrow keys will let your avatar move forward, backward, left and right. Use Page up/Page down if you want to fly. To talk to someone near you, make sure you have your headset on and begin talking. To type a note to someone, press enter and type into the open chat box. To sit down, right click on the chair and choose “sit”. To stand up again, choose “stand up”. For more information and video tutorials, visit “Languagelab Help Videos”. If you still need help, go to the Registration Center and meet a Languagelab Study Adviser. The study adviser will help you with moving, talking and making friends, and will explain how to use our website.
31. How can I find my way around English City?
In English City, there are a lot of billboards with pictures of the different locations. If you click on the picture of the place you want to go, you can “teleport” (go) directly there. You can also use the map at the bottom of your screen, or make a landmark so you have a record of where you have been.
32. How do I personalise my avatar?
You can go to Periwinkles in English City and get more clothes, and to the beauty salon for different hair. You can do this by visiting Donatella’s class on shopping. All the items are free for Languagelab students. The Helpers can also show you how to change your avatar and make it more personal.
33. When do I need to pay for a new course?
If you bought a monthly General English course then will bill your credit card at the same time every month. If you want to stop, please email If you bought a 3 or 6 month course then you need to pay for another course when it ends. To do this, simply login to and go to your dashboard.
34. How can I change my study plan?
You can change your study plan by going to your dashboard; on the left hand side there is a blue button that says ‘Upgrade my study plan’. Click this and your study plan will be upgraded within 48 hours. We will charge your credit card the next day. If you want to change to a lower number of classes, for example, from Ultimate to Basic, email and we will change your study plan.
35. My trial study plan has ended. What can I do now?
If you would like to continue studying with us, you will need to buy a monthly study plan. Go to the study plan section under the “How it Works” button, choose the plan you want, and follow the instructions. You will then get an invitation to join the Languagelab student group in English City.
36. How can I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, send an email to


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